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Luc Beauséjour
Analekta AN 2 9970

J.S. Bach: Oeuvres célèbres au clavecin à pédalier


          Mondonville: Pièces de clavecin avec voix ou violin, opus 5

          Luc Beauséjour, Shannon Mercer, Hélène Plouffe
          L’op. V de Mondonville :
          Pièces de clavecin avec Voix ou Violon
          AN 2 9920


"Reconnaissance à un facteur d’instruments"
Winner of the "Prix Opus 2002-2003"



Humeur de facteur
Musique Electroacoustique 
Yves Beaupré

Review in Brainwashed (ÉU)
«Any clot who thinks electroacoustic music has become irredeemably entrenched in the same old gestures and routines should open their ears to this stunning debut from a composer possessed of genius…»

empreintes   DIGITALes
IMED 0160 (2001)

D'Anglebert : Pièces de clavecin (1689) 
Hank Knox, clavecytherium

Jean-Henry D’Anglebert (1629-1691) published his only collection of music two years before his death : in addition to his own compositions, he included transcriptions of orchestral pieces by the famous Jean-Baptiste Lully. On this disc, Hank Knox makes the clavecytherium sound like a full orchestra, rich with colours and surprising sonorities. An important disc for all lovers of the harpsichord as well as for those passionate about the age of the Sun King.

"Hank Knox has a well-cultivated feel for his repertoire and there is a real sense of enjoyment in his playing, this understanding and enthusiasm being also communicated in his helpful notes.
-David Hansell, Early Music Review, March 2004

LA BELLE HOMICIDE             
Johanne Couture, clavecin
EMCCD 7758

With this recording titled La belle Homicide, Johanne Couture creates a soft atmosphere, perfectly adapted to this French repertoire that features lute music transcribed for the harpsichord, a regular practice during 17th-century France. Her interpretation of these works is both elegant and refined. A recording that will transport the listener to another era, so far from the maddening rhythm of the 21st century.
Works by Louis Couperin, Gallot, Gaultier, Chambonnières, and others,
played on Beaupré's harpsichord after Vaudry.

"Ms. Couture plays with great taste and control and a natural feel for the style brisé which is so prominent in these pieces. Contrapuntal textures also have great clarity and ornaments are well-placed. This is an entreprising programme, illuminated by a thorough essay (English and French), which makes very agreeable listening."
- David Hansell, Early Music Review, March 2004


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